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With  easy quarterly  payment, your membership with MyDoctorCameroon will ensure your family’s health back Home in Cameroon and your own peace of mind

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The Problem

Taking care of our families in Cameroon while we are abroad weighs heavily on our conscience.  It is almost impossible to find a doctor who will provide consistent preventive care.  If our family members see a doctor once in 3 years we are lucky.  Now there is a solution.

The Solution

MyDoctorCameroon gives you peace of mind by ensuring that doctors visit and take care of your family members at their homes. After you sign up for a MyDoctorCameroon Membership Plan, we take care of the rest.

What is MyDoctorCameroon?

  • MyDoctorCameroon is a concierge healthcare membership program
  • Members pay easy quarterly payments to provide preventive home doctor visits for your loved ones in Cameroon
  • Preventive healthcare will reduce larger, more costly health problems in the future
  • Membership to the program gives your loved one’s access to our physician network in Cameroon, regularly scheduled preventive care, and access to follow up & emergency care
  • Members can manage their loved one’s healthcare and see doctor visit reports and recommendations online through a secure and SECURITY compliant Electronic Health Record
  • You and your loved one can be assigned a new doctor if unsatisfied with the care received; all our doctors are vetted and will be audited regularly
  • You must become a member to receive member benefits
  • It’s like you are in Cameroon!

More Details

Why not just send money home?

MyDoctorCameroon founder and CEO Charles Agbor has found that sending money home to Cameroon simply does not work, because he seldom can get accurate information about his family’s health. His mother is blind from a treatable condition, even though he sent money for medical expenses. In 1998, his father died unexpectedly; Charles didn’t know his father had health problems, and still doesn’t know the cause of death.

Similar heartbreaking stories exist among many members of the Cameroonian diaspora and their families. MyDoctorCameroon is designed to solve that problem by providing consistent, adequate care to family members in Cameroon.

So please sign up you and your loved ones today.  The first group of patients will be seen by a physician starting in January.  You can reserve your membership for later in the year by signing up now.  We are currently adding additional members .  There is no obligation and no payments are due until the service begins in a few months.  We are simply asking you to reserve space for your loved ones.  You can reserve as many spots as you have loved ones who need care.

Current Steps

MyDoctorCameroon has a robust network of credible physicians who are enthusiastically serving the diaspora’s loved ones in their home in Cameroon.

We currently operate an easy-to-use MyDoctorCameroon web site that members can access using private and secure online accounts. Every member will be able to privately view doctor-visit reports, communicate with their loved one’s physician about Membership Plan details.

By completing our sign-up form and reserving a spot for a loved one, you and your loved ones will  benefit from this historic membership program.