Plan of Care Approach is Working Nicely

Greetings from Cameroon.  I am in Bamenda today where myself and Dr Paul Achu will be visiting our Member’s Loved Ones today and tomorrow.  We spent three hours with a Loved One this morning conducting a thorough exam.  From this exam we determined that this patient would need consistent care to control her diabetes.  Once it is under control we may be able to reduce the number of doctor visits, but for now she will see Dr. Achu every other month.

This process we call the Plan of Care approach.  You can read more about it on our website, but the concept is after a thorough first exam our doctors will suggest a Plan of Care to treat the patient over the next year.  The Plan of Care may change as the patient’s condition improves, so the Plan of Care will consistently be re-evaluated.  Our Medical Advisory Board devised this approach, and in practice it makes a lot of sense in treating and preventing disease.

There is much more to report, but I will leave that to the next email.  We are humming along here, and very pleased to see the program working well.


Best regards,

Charles Agbor

Charles Agbor, Founder / CEO
Ph. 320-237-1074

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