Three Months Old and Growing

It has been 3 months since we launched MyDoctorCameroon.  However, it was a much longer journey to get to the launch.  On the surface MyDoctorCameroon appears simple, but developing the actual service took some time to figure out.  I have been thinking and discussing the concept for many years.  Now we have 3 months completed and have learned a lot.  We continue to improve the program every day.

We will soon be offering multiple payment options on-line.  Look for these changes to occur within the next month.  Of course we can also sign-up members over the phone as well.

Additionally, we are realizing we will need to limit new members moving forward to ensure quality.   We are still developing this policy and will be in contact when it is complete.

Finally, the main goal of MyDoctorCameroon is to increase access to healthcare for our Loved Ones.  I am proud to announce that we have opened a new hub in Batibo.

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