Emergency Care

July 18th, 2012 | Posted by Charles Agbor in Notices

It is a few weeks away until I leave for Cameroon again to continue to build what has become a robust network of clinics and doctors to serve the diaspora’s Loved Ones.

We have been busy working on many emergency situations the past several weeks.  It has become apparent that our program of consistent, preventative care is the correct approach.

As we work through emergency health problems with our non-members, we have realized many of these emergencies could have been prevented.

Sometimes emergencies can’t be avoided.  Our members receive quick responses to their Loved One’s emergencies.  Usually within hours of the call we are able to get a doctor to your Loved One’s home.

I encourage you to consider membership as the MyDoctorCameroon program can address the health problems of your Loved Ones before big problems occur and can respond quickly if they do….

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