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Pa Moki Needs to See a Doctor: Here’s how it works

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  • Evande (Diaspora) signs up his father, Pa Moki, who lives in Limbe on the New Member Sign Up page.
  • MyDoctorCameroon calls Evande to discuss his father’s needs, location, and physician selection.
  • MyDoctorCameroon emails Evande his official portal ID and password which enables him to view Pa Moki’s doctor exam notes on-line and manage his care.
  • Namondo, MyDoctorCameroon’s administrator in Cameroon visits Pa Moki and then emails Evande with the physicians name and appointment dates.
  • Namondo informs Pa Moki of his doctor appointment dates. Evande also will confirm the doctor appointments with his father, Pa Moki.

First Exam and Beyond

  • Dr. Ngale receives his appointment schedule and visits Pa Moki, establishing a base line health assessment.
  • Dr. Ngale’s exam notes are entered into MyDoctorCameroon’s Online Health Record portal.
  • Evande receives an email notifying him that Dr. Ngale’s exam notes and recommendations are available on-line.
  • Evande uses his portal ID and password to access Pa Moki’s online health record at
  • Dr. Ngale recommends a Plan of Care for the coming year. The Plan of Care determines the monthly fee and the number of times per year Dr Ngale will visit Pa Moki.
  • Dr. Ngale may need to recommend care or a procedure outside of the Plan of Care for Pa Moki. Evande will be notified by email and/or phone about the need for additional care and the estimated costs. Evande will be able to ask questions about the add-on care and get a second opinion before approving the expense.
  • MyDoctorCameroon’s independent auditor will visit Pa Moki periodically to make sure he is satisfied with the care he is receiving. The auditor will send a report via email to Evande.
  • MyDoctorCameroon will monitor these reports and our Medical Advisory Board will monitor the Plan of Care to ensure Pa Moki is getting the care he needs

The Components of Why MyDoctorCameroon Works

Medical Collaboration Equals Accountability and Transparency

At the core of MyDoctorCameroon is the goal of making things better for all parties; your loved ones health, peace of mind for yourself, and improved resources for the Cameroonian medical community. MyDoctorCameroon will reward the best physicians, clinics, and pharmacies in Cameroon with additional patients, training, and peer collaboration with our prestigious US based Medical Advisory Board. Standards of care were developed according to established professional guidelines. Top clinics and physicians who rise to these high standards will do well in the MyDoctorCameroon network, building better practices for all in Cameroon.

Easy to Use Online Health Record

An important piece of what makes MyDoctorCameroon work well for its Members is the secure online health record. Members can easily access exam notes and doctor recommendations from their computer. Members gain peace of mind their loved one is receiving the care they deserve.

Medical Advisory Board

The final piece that allows MyDoctorCameroon to sing is our Medical Advisory Board (MAB). Our MAB include award winning physicians who are Cameroonian born and United States trained and Board certified. Their understanding of both the US and Cameroonian health systems is critical to developing MyDoctorCameroon. Our MAB will establish treatment guidelines, review your Loved One’s Plan of Care, and establish medical procedure & add-on care pricing. Additionally, the MAB will develop training guidelines for our Physician Network. Our MAB includes Dr. Joseph A. Nkwanyuo, M.D., MPH and Dr. Martin Ojong-Ntui.

MyDoctorCameroon Physician Network

MyDoctorCameroon’s Physician Network is centered around geographic hubs. Hubs generally cover a 25 mile radius. We have agreements with Family Physician’s and Clinics in the following hubs:

  • Limbe
  • Buea
  • Mamfe
  • Bamenda
  • Kumba
  • Douala
  • Yaounde
  • Mbouda
  • Bafoussam

Other hubs will be established as the program grows. Please let us know if you have Loved Ones outside of these hubs. We need to know where potential new member’s Loved Ones live.

The Physician Network also includes top specialty physicians with training in oncology, radiology, pathology, OB/GYN, ophthalmology, dentistry, and surgery. Our family physicians and Medical Advisory Board will determine if your Loved One needs to be treated by our specialty physicians.

An added service is Pharmacy delivery. Our Network Hub Administrator will not only schedule appointments, but can deliver medicines to your Loved One.

For more information on our Physician Network click here.

Members Control & Oversight

You as a member ultimately control the care your Loved One receives. You will have the chance to approve the Plan of Care and any additional care or procedures before the care is delivered. Additionally, you will get feedback from your Loved One how they were treated by our physicians. You can change physicians if you choose and another Network physician is available at your Loved One’s geographic hub. You will be able to track on-going care using your secure ID and password to our Online Health Record. This will keep you informed and give you peace of mind.

Auditor Review

Our auditors will conduct follow up visits with your Loved One. This is the final piece in our checks and balances. The independent auditor will interview each Loved One to ensure they were treated well and in a timely and professional manner. Members will receive an auditors report. Physicians who have had three separate negative reports will be asked to leave the program. Members and Loved Ones have the right to refuse an assigned physician.

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