Plan of Care

Plan of Care Approach

The core of MyDoctorCameroon is ongoing, preventive care. Consistent doctor visits with your Loved One at their home to prevent or manage disease is the goal. The initial exam with your Loved One will establish a baseline and a “Plan of Care” for that year. The Plan of Care may include regular monthly care from a doctor or a nurse or less regular bi-annual care. The Plan of Care will be re-established each year.

What is Covered What is Not

The quarterly membership fee covers the Plan of Care. The table below covers the frequency and fees associated with each plan. Membership also gives your loved one access to our labs, pharmacies, specialty physicians & surgeons, and our administrators. Care outside the Plan of Care is fee for service. Members are able to review recommended add-on care or procedures and the estimated associated costs before approving and paying for these services.  Pharmacy delivery to your loved ones can also be arranged.

Procedures, hospital stays, and drug prices will be negotiated  by the loved ones’s physician based on current established rates in Cameroon plus our administrative fees. The bottom line is you will know what it will cost before the care occurs (except in emergency situations where doctors may need to make quick, lifesaving decisions).

Plan of Care Plans

 Per Quarterly Fees  Patient Type


Bi-Annual Care

2 visits per yr
Healthy patient, preventive care

Silver – Elite

Quarterly Care

4 visits per yr
Generally healthy patients, but elderly


Managed Care

8 visits per yr
Patients diagnosed with a mild but controlled disease


Personal Care

12 visits per yr
Chronically ill patients

Pallative Care

24 visits per yr
End of life care/Severely ill patients

Emergency Care at Home

$100/visit for members plus $100 for treatment, $300/visit for non-members plus a $500 treatment fees Provided when needed

Emergency Care

Emergency care is available to all Members and Non-Members alike.  Members will be charged $100 for each emergency.  This will cover the Network Physicians fee and the administrative costs of coordinating the emergency response both in the United States and in Cameroon.  Additional costs may be assessed based on the emergency.  For instance a surgeon may be required or special tests may be administered.  All emergency expenses will follow our Medical Advisory Board’s cost guidelines.  An emergency may be the only time a Member may not have enough time to approve expenses.

Non-members can also use MyDoctorCameroon in an emergency situation.  MyDoctorCameroon may or may not be able to assist your Loved One in a medical emergency.  Much of our ability to respond will depend on the location of your Loved One and our Network Physician.  Non-members emergency fee is $300 plus an additional treatment fee of $500.  We highly recommend becoming members after the emergency is resolved and putting your Loved One on a Plan of Care.

Membership Cancellation

Members can opt-out at any time.  However, to resume your membership after cancellation you are required to pay past dues plus the next two quarterly dues of the Plan of Care to reactivate your membership.  This encourages consistent on-going, preventive care which is the goal of MyDoctorCameroon and discourages abuse of the program.