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MyDoctorCameroon Features

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Easy to use Patient Health Portal to manage Membership Plan accounts
  • BANK SECURITY  compliant Electronic Health Records members can view on-line
  • Physician ranking with thorough vetting and auditing (A MyDoctorCameroon Auditor will be consistently checking patient satisfaction)
  • Consistent, on-going preventive care where none currently exists
  • Patient education delivered by your loved one’s physician
  • Emergency and follow-on care ordered easily by phone or online
  • 24 hours customer service and business hours web customer service
  • MyDoctorCameroon physicians are required to adhere to MyDoctorCameroon  high practice standards
  • MyDoctorCameroon Physician’s Hubs are strategically located to serve your love ones no matter how remote
  • Unique, first-to-market program

MyDoctorCameroon Benefits

  • Peace-of-mind for the Diaspora that their loved ones are cared for
  • Avoiding costly emergency trips to Cameroon for medical emergencies
  • Preventive care and patient education help avoid future health problem and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Verification of services and knowledge of loved ones health condition via the Electronic Health Record
  • Easy to budget support for healthcare vs. other daily needs
  • Managing the care of your loved ones from your home or office, day or night

The Breakthrough- Electronic Health Records

At the core of the MyDoctorCameroon is the bank security compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) easily accessible from your computer:

  • Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) meets Meaningful Use certification standards
  • Our EHR is BANK SECURITY compliant
  • MyDoctorCameroon physicians are required to adhere to secured regulations
  • Patients and members are required to sign off on secured regulatory documents
  • Our EHR provides integrated functionality
  • A secure, single source documentation repository that puts all clinical and administrative information in one place

Why not use a Mutual Healthcare Organization (MHO) or Insurance Plan?

MyDoctorCameroon provides easy monthly payments for preventive care for your loved ones. You only pay for additional care as it is needed. You are only paying for care that your loved one needs outside the Membership Plan. You are not paying for the care of other’s loved ones, only your own. MHO’s are insurance plans/cards that plan on many members not using care they have paid for.  MyDoctorCameroon is a concierge medicine membership program. You pay a monthly fee to gain access to our exclusive physician network for your loved ones.

Please sign up you and your loved ones today. The first group of patients will be seen by a physician starting in January 2012.  You can reserve your membership for later in the year by signing up now. We are always open for new members.