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FOUNDER/CEO :- Working Trip To Cameroon Scheduled…..

Charles Agbor (Founder/CEO) will be in Cameroon from June 14th to July 30th, 2013

Activities will center around new physician recruitment, visiting current loved ones with their assigned physicians and vetting new clinics, labs and pharmacies.

Send your ideas, questions and suggestions to :-


Message to Members:_

This is a shout out to all our members to:-

1. Engage your loved ones physician
2. Be part of your loved one’s health maintenance program by communicating with your loved one before, during or after the physicians visit.
3. Call us ( 320-237-1074) with contributions, insights or concerns about the program
3. Make sure your membership is up to date to continue receiving member privileges….

(Yearly Membership fees of $240.00 per Loved One (4 Quarterly payments of $60.00/quarter)

• Personal physician assigned
• 2 yearly pre-scheduled Doctor Home visits
• Physician arranged specialty care
• Required medical specialties, Diagnostics labs and laboratory results interpretation
• Emergency calls at $100.00 per incident
• Managed care on existing or diagnosed illness
• Access to detailed medical records
• Patient education:- Preventive, Health and drug management)