We had a really promising Niece in the family.  Very bright with a bright future.  She was the pride of the family.  Young with so much potential.  Sadly, she is no longer with us because she didn’t have access to care in an emergency situation.  Even me, with my medical degrees could not help because I am in the United States.

It is for the memory of my lovely Niece that I serve on the MyDoctorCameroon Medical Advisory Board.  I want to make sure we as diaspora have options to help our loved ones at home, AND help my colleagues in Cameroon develop their medical practices.  We together, MyDoctorCameroon, the diaspora, and my colleagues back home can change things significantly with this program.  I encourage anyone with Loved Ones in Cameroon to look seriously at this program.

Dr. Martin Ojong-Ntui – Director and Medical Adviser


In 2002, My Dad suffered a stroke in Cameroon.  It was a long and painstaking ordeal where information was scarce and appropriate care was difficult to find.

When I was asked about becoming an Advisory Member of the Board of Directors for “MyDoctorCameroon”, I immediately saw the benefits of this program and service; the peace of mind and most importantly the accessibility and immediate availability of medical information about our families back home. To me, this program and its services might make a difference between life and death for our family members back home. Having easy, quick access to important medical information about our families medical history/condition will facilitate the access to the RIGHT and FAST Medical attention, RIGHT diagnosis, RIGHT treatment options,  quick collaborations with Doctors here in the USA and above all, an immediate opportunity to save the lives of our family members back home.

Dolly L. Lambe – Advisory Board Director


I help many diaspora in the United States with the medical issues with family members in Cameroon.  I deal with these problems every day.  They are challenging and heartbreaking.  We need a new approach and MyDoctorCameroon is a very good start.  It is a program that will work.  The collaboration with our Medical Advisory Board and our Physician Network in Cameroon will enhance each others understanding of what is needed for a robust health system in Cameroon.  I am excited MyDoctorCameroon will now provide an organized solution for the diaspora and their Loved One’s healthcare.

Joseph A. Nkwanyuo, M.D., MPH, – Advisory Board and Medical Strategist


This is one of the most innovative entrepreneurial endeavors a Cameroonian has undertaken.   You know our society has not evolved enough  to regard services as payable. Health services started becoming that which could only be secured through a “must go to a hospital” affair. You are now bringing healthcare into the homes of the sick. This is such an innovation because we can guarantee good health for our family in abscencia with a token monthly fee.

Joseph Mbu, IT Professional, Washington DC

One comment

  1. Mireille Graham, R.N., Advisory Board Member says:

    Mireille R. Graham. R.N– Expresses Gratitude

    When i first came across MyDoctorCameroon, I signed up just to give it a try. Little did I know it has given me the hope I had lost when it comes to taking care of a loved one back home.
    A few years ago I moved my mother to Yaoundé seeking better health care. I was never satisfied with the treatment she was receiving. I felt like I was wasting money and not knowing what was wrong with her. MyDoctorCameroon gives me a peace of mind.
    It is an amazing program with very efficient and convenient services.
    For the first time I can follow my mother’s care. This is a three way relationship type of care that works for all of us. As a sponsor, I am informed about all the lab results and, follow up appointments. From the diagnosis to the plan of care, treatment, and evaluation, I discuss all aspects of care with the doctors.
    As a patient mom knows she has her “own son docta who comes to visit her at home.”
    The staff is dedicated, passionate, and caring. I am completely satisfied with the kind of care they provide to our loved ones. they are making a difference in people’s lives. I am humbled by what Dr. Munoh has done for my mother. He is engaged, and cares about what he does. I could not have asked for a better doctor.
    This program is the solution to all the problems I had regarding the care of my mother.
    MyDoctorCameroon has commitment, integrity and compassion in providing a quality of care, and has the patient’s interests at heart.